Saved by Science

My 6 year old asked: “Mom, can I have some more of that delicious fruit?”

I was astonished that my picky eater -who typically only wants seconds of anything that’s orange and glowing so brightly it can be seen from outer space- wanted more of a healthy snack.  I enthusiastically (and maybe a bit frantically) started cutting up another piece of fruit!

6 yr Old: “Who made Kiwi’s, anyway?”

{If I say something like nature -as in the earth -as in it’s good for you, will it deter him? Think fast-what would my mom have said?}

“Hmmm.. God,” I say with a little smirk.

Pointing to the seeds, he says, “God? God made these? Where did he find these tiny nuts?” 

My 11 year old, sitting in the living room remarks, “God?! HAHA- I’m going with the Big Bang theory on this one.”




…..In tweeny, book report, twilight land:
Me to my 11 yr old son: Ok. I’ve reviewed your rough draft.  You should be proud of yourself! There’s a lot here you can use! I did make some corrections and just a warning, this is not a copy and paste scenario. You will have to develop more of your original thought where you see an asterisk.
Him- blink blink
Me-a little red star
(still staring at me)
(I start again- slowly and clearly) You know?  I didn’t write everything for you. It’s not all grammatical changes. My notations are prompts for you to embellish what you’ve started writing.
Him- I don’t understand.
Me- You. Will. Need. To. Think. And. Add. More. Words.
He rolls his eyes and walks away.
I crack a beer and mutter “good talk” while I finish dinner.
That’ll do Merica. That’ll do.

fao schwartz